About Us

Sanpete County Search and Rescue was built on the backs of some of the most dedicated and caring people this county has ever seen. Over the last 51 years, there have been a total of 252 members with a combined total of 1,960 years of service. We are proud to serve our community and extremely grateful for the support our community continues to give to us.

How We Began

In 1967, Sanpete County Sheriff, Grant Larsen, fulfilled a campaign promise and organized a search and rescue unit in the Sanpete area.  He sent out a countywide request for anyone owning four-wheel drive jeeps or other rescue vehicles to attend their first meeting on Jan. 27, 1967.

The unit started small. As the word spread, many good citizens from Sanpete County volunteered their time to this worthy cause. But they had their work cut out for them.

These volunteers started with no equipment, no training, and no way to quickly communicate with one another. They used trap shoots and other fundraising actives to finance the equipment and training that they needed. But it was still a struggle to get enough money for supplies.

On April 1, 1981, Sanpete County Search and Rescue joined forces with Doug Barton, owner/operator of the KMTI Radio Station. The main feature of this partnership, “Radio Days”, is an all-day fundraiser where the posse members help raise money and awareness for the patrol.  This traditional event continues in the Sanpete area to this day.

Where We Are Now

The Sanpete Search and Rescue has grown into a 40-member team that is highly trained for the conditions in and around Sanpete. We have volunteers trained in:

  • Water rescue
  • Mountain rescue
  • First-aid
  • Incident command

Thanks to our volunteers and donors over the years, we have a fully equipped mobile command post and two snow cats. We are even equipped to assist the Sheriff in traffic and crime scene security patrols when called upon.

Our members are all 100% volunteers. They supply their own radios, vehicles, horses, boats, four-wheel machines, and airplanes when called upon for the service of others.

Without your help, the work we do would not be possible.